Multiple Slice Chambers

2 channel chamber

Since the original work of Yamamoto & McIlwain (1966) on thin sections from mammalian brain, the tissue slice technique has become the most frequently used in vitro method in neuroscience research. Today, different electrophysiological recording methods find application in slices from many different excitable tissues, not only from the brain, but also from other structures (e.g. heart, kidney, etc).
The new LRE multiple tissue slice chambers are a result of our 20 year lab experiences in slice technology. The main design benefits are a simple handling, flexibility and a precise temperature control. The chambers guarantee a high stability and a vital environment for tissue slices in electrophysiological, pharmacological and biochemical studies.
The outer chambers are manufactured from Acrylic glass. Inner recordings wells are made from either Acrylic glass or chemically inert PTFE in order to avoid adhesion problems of drugs in pharmacological studies (“sticky compounds”). Modular designed chambers with 1, 2, 3 or 4 inner recording wells are available as submerged or interface type chambers. Due to their precision, LRE tissue slice chambers are used in many applications including the drug screening system “Synchroslice”.


General features

Submerged inlet

Interface Inlet

  • Electrophysiological recordings from up to 4 slices simultaneously
  • Exchangeable and combinable submerged or interface type recording chambers
  • One outer bath; 1, 2, 3 or 4 recording wells of optional type
  • Even customer-specific designs for inner recording chambers possible
  • Precise temperature control (stability 0.1°C)
  • Exchangeable PTFE (Teflon) type tubings
  • Recording chambers available in different material, including chemically PTFE
  • Easy cleaning of all parts possible
  • Build in Ag/AgCl reference electrodes
  • Base stands with flexible holders and fixations available, compatible with many commercial micromanipulators available

Our chambers allow individual setup of your experiments.

Combine different chamber inlets e.g. submerged and interface simultaneously or just use up to 4 channels with the same inlet type in one temperature controlled chamber. Even economically priced custom made inlets are available.



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