EasyValv – Modular Valve System

Design your drug application or mixing procedure simple and flexible.Using the modular EasyValv valve system allows easy programming of your drug application protocol within minutes via USB from your desktop or laptop computer. Up to 3 satellite modules can be stacked to 1 base unit to increase to 16 valves. By using multiple base units, unlimited valve numbers can be achieved. System with desktop stand, wall or rack mounting available




EasyValv Benefits

  • PTFE solenoid isolation valves for use with PTFE tubing avoiding problem of sticky compounds
  • Switch manually or create, load, save and run automated experiments under software control
  • Export experimental schedule via report function to word
  • Trigger Input / Output for use 3^rd party equipment
  • USB connection of the valve controller
  • Small internal volume of 19.7 microliter