Lohmann Research Equipment (LRE) offers high quality products for biomedical research in Europe, US and the rest of the world. According to our own long-lasting experience in Neuroscience and Toxicology LRE guarantees competent consultance, good technical support and fast service and a product selection for quality, reliability and economy.



  • Multiple Slice Evaluation system
  • High troughput
  • Up to 8 slices simultaneously


  • Automated Synchroslice
  • Multiple Slice Evaluation system
  • Up to 8 slices simultaneously

Slice chambers

  • recording chamber
  • submerged or interface inlets
  • Exchangeable and combinable




  • Stimulation & Recording electrodes
  • Optimized for high precision measurements
  • Reusable over months

Buffer Solutions

  • Buffer solution for your lab research
  • Save time, work, and space for your daily routine by using our Standard and Customized Lab Media
  • concentrated or ready-to-use uffer solutions


  • modular valve system up to 16 valves
  • design your drug application & mixing procedure
  • simple and flexible.




  • Transparent miniature perfusion chamber for laminar flow
  • Size: 25 mm x 17.5 mm x 6 mm
  • chemically resistent Terlux

Contract Service

  • Multiple slice Recording from brain slices
  • Multiple slice Recording from heart slices
  • Xenopus Oocytes contract service


  • Stainless Steel Blades
  • dimensions 38mm x 8mm x 0.3mm
  • Fits to most microtomes